WATT ‘s safe Cabin system (SCS):

• Leans forward while driver enters or exits the WATT.
• Can be folded back into a bed.
• Is elevated upon imminent impact.
  • Safe Cabin System
  • Innovative Passenger Seat

WATT has a patented innovative passenger seat configuration, unlike in a normal car where the passenger seat is connected to the chassis and suffers whatever consequences the car endures in case of an accident , the passenger seat in WATT has unprecedented attributes:


In the event of an imminent collision – the passenger/driver seat is automatically launched upwards or turned over, thus reducing impact and preventing injury. 


Climbing a steep road, the seat remains level with no peripheral view obstructions.


Getting in or out of a WATT is easy and safe. The seat simply moves forward while the front windshield rotates and folds up and back. Parking while facing the sidewalk, you simply walk out of the WATT with no need for side space.    


While the car is in carpool or hop-on train mode, the seat can be folded back into a full-length bed.