WATT team

Dr. Amos Cahan (inventor) and Bussiness consultant Ran Quantz formed their partnership in late 2018 when WATT CAR INDUSTRIES LTD was established together  with Automotive Designer Dori Regev.

Represented by Nashiz Brandes Amir Law firm the company has an world wide IP portfolio in the field  of automotive focusing on:

  1.  Monowheel vehicle system
  2. Energy efficiency & connectivity
  3. Passenger safety

Our Team has produced a basic car POC skeleton and a small Remote control model as well as Concept design & applications for a delivery & security vehicle that are bet suited for the future urban environment.

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Ran Quantz

CEO and Co-Founder

Bussiness consultant. Owner of ran-Q, a business consulting firm established in 2005. Ran specializes in marketing and sales methods as well as innovative business modules. Over the past 15 years Ran has advised major automotive and industrial companies such as BMW, Land-Rover, Greatwall, Still, and Voith Turbo in improving their sales process.


Amos Cahan, MD


Inventor. Amos is a practicing physician with expertise in medical informatics and a former IBM researcher.  A passionate inventor holding 25 registered patents, Amos is the original designer of WATT’s safe cabin system.

Dori Regev

Design Director

B.Sc (engeneering) Automotive and industrial Designer.

Senior lecturer at Bezalel’s prominent industrial design faculty. His experience in automotive design spans from transit systems (trains, buses, BRT) to conventional, concept and racing vehicles. Dori lived and worked in Japan for 4 years and was part of the team that designed the Mazda 929, Mazda 626, Miata (MX-5), RX-7, and the HRX hydrogen concept car for the 1991 Tokyo exhibition.

Dori’s designs are used by Griiip Ltd. Racing Cars. Cart Revolution Ltd. ITS Ltd. Haargaz Automotive industries Ltd., Nazareth automotive industries Ltd., Tadiran Carrier Ltd., Comfi interactive Ltd., NTA Tel Aviv (Light rail), JTMT Jerusalem Light Rail, Urban Aeronautics (VTOL airframe design).