• Haul & Charge
  • 4 ways to charge
  • WATT redefines carpool

You can haul and charge your WATT using your car. Entering the city, just check your heavy polluting car at the city outskirts and cruise the streets!

WATT battery may be charged through 4 different methods:

WATT main wheel

(similar to a hybrid car)

Regular home AC outlet

By a hauling car/ Train

Another WATT member

in carpool electro-sharing

WATT redefines carpooling:

Connected WATTs for electro-sharing, easily pairing with a community of designated drivers for long journeys.

2 WATTs equivalent to a 4-seat car.

3 WATTs equivalent to a 6-seat car.

4 WATTs equivalent to a minivan.

And so on…

What fun to create your own train!